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The Baron
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it's not Andy's decision. nothing you say or do is going to convince NVIDIA that open-sourcing drivers is a good business decision, at least at this point in time. NICs don't cost three grand--a top-of-the-line Quadro card does, so driver quality must be absolutely assured. while I or others may feel that drivers with some sort of open license could provide that, and even if Andy were to agree, his bosses and his bosses' bosses would not. even if they did, there is probably information about a plethora of other chips besides NVIDIA's in those drivers. scream about IP being immoral and yadda yadda yadda all you like--it's the law.

so: in essence, leave the guy alone about open-source drivers. he's doing what he can to improve the drivers--don't give him grief about what he can't control. he comes in here, responds personally to problems, and does his absolute best to get things straightened out. what more do you want?