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Ok. There is some merit in that argument. I thought that could be a problem too but read on ...

I am not able to explain why an IBM FireGL 4 card works ok on that slot without any of it. I have tried an IBM FireGL 2 card and 3dLabs Wildcat 4110 - all of them work alright (under windows) except that they don't have Linux drivers.

I dont see that streaking in the character console of Linux. Only when it goes into that color mode something happens to it.

I will try this card under Microsoft Windows to see if it changes anything and let you know.

BTW, what do you mean by AGP slot dying ? What would cause that ?Is there any special power requirements for this card ? This machine came with an AGP PRo slot anyway (IBM intellistation 6850-25U with dual Xeon 1.7ghz 512mb memory - 490W power supply with still 5 power connectors unused - so the power supply is not quite loaded or anything).

Thanks - I will keep you posted.
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