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Originally posted by The Baron NICs don't cost three grand--a top-of-the-line Quadro card does, so driver quality must be absolutely assured.
I'm not sure I'm following you here. Drivers for the NIC don't need to be open since NICs are cheap. Drivers for the vid-card don't need to be open, since vid-cards are so expensive?

And I fail to see how opening the drivers would lower the quality of the drivers! It's not like everyone and their uncle would be releasing half-assed NV-drivers. People would be providing patches, yes. But the primary source for the drivers would still be NVIDIA.

Good example of this is the OS-Matrox-drivers. Alan Cox noticed that the card had poor performance in Linux, so he took a look at the drivers source-code. Now, vid-card is supposed to keep most used textures in local vid-RAM while least used textures reside in system-RAM (Accessed via AGP). Matrox-drivers did just the opposite. He fixed it, sent patches to Matrox, and the problem was solved!

While NV's Linux-drivers ARE good and I appreciate their support of the platform, there ARE bugs there that could be fixed if there were enough eyes looking at the code (switching between X and console for example. Or adding framebuffer-support). Also, having the drivers open would improve the quality of the overall system. Closed-source drivers taint the kernel. The kernel-developers have no way of knowing whetever some problem is caused by the kernel, by X or by the NV-drivers, if the NV-drivers are closed. So, instead of wasting their time trying to fix something they cannot fix, they ignore such errors. If the drivers were open, tehy could look at each possible cause and fix the problem.

so: in essence, leave the guy alone about open-source drivers. he's doing what he can to improve the drivers--don't give him grief about what he can't control. he comes in here, responds personally to problems, and does his absolute best to get things straightened out. what more do you want?
Well, I haven't been here in a while, so I don't know what has been going on in here. I'm well aware that he's not the one who can decide whether to open or close the drivers. And it's not like I whined and pestered him about the drivers. I simply stated an opinion.
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