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I've added a couple of printk's to the AMD 760 AGP and into the AGPGART.
As far as I can see, amd-k7-agp does call the agp_add_bridge, which in turn, calls the inter_module_register function. (which registers the drm_agp.)
The nvidia driver inter_module_get_request should not fail!!!

What the **** am I missing here?!?!? Argh!

More on that later...

EDIT: Found the source of one problem (after printk'ing it to death ): when I manually load the amd-k7-agp driver, the backend is being called and inter_module_get_request returns a valid pointer.
Now remains the second problem "couldn't find pre-allocated memory".

Looking into it now...

Edit 2: Things just got worse.
Uninstalled the drivers, tried reverting to the old configuration (2.6.0, 44.96/ and I'm getting the same problem.
I'm getting a new error before the "couldn't find pre-allocated memory" error.
NV: bad offset / length into frame buffer: 0x0 0xff00000 0x4000000.

Lesson to self, setup a second 2.6 machine to act as a guinea pig, before blowing the main production workstation

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