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Ok, the store accepted the reason for return and are going to collect it from me when i arrange it.

Basically i need a new card now....

So i browsed through their site and saw,
AOpen Aeolus FX5900-DV128.

Now it was 140! And i was thinking.... whats the catch.....
I took a quick look around the web and it seems to be a fully fledged 5900. It certainly mentions no where its an XT... the store did say "obsoleted product" (they have 50 in stock though) when it was going through the system. Maybe im lucky and bagged the few remaining 'real' 5900's.

To that fact, the stores i bougth it has Aopen Aeolus 5900XT graphics cards for sale, with a completley different manufactuers code... its also about 7 more! :S

I will wait and see when it comes, if its another 'dud' ill just return it and call it a failure - get a 5700ultra as cheap as i can. On the other hand if it does arrive and its 400/700 then i guess its not *too* bad as its like 40 less than i paid for the XFX... I will see.

This is what im *supposed* to have ordered...

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