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I obviously have a similar problem. I'm get X lockups sometimes, and I think it might be related.

I see this from dmesg:

0: nvidia: loading NVIDIA Linux x86 NVIDIA Kernel Module 1.0-5336 Wed Jan 14 18:29:26 PST 2004
Linux agpgart interface v0.99 (c) Jeff Hartmann
agpgart: Maximum main memory to use for agp memory: 941M
agpgart: unsupported bridge
agpgart: no supported devices found.
0: NVRM: AGPGART: unable to retrieve symbol table

...but /proc/driver/nvidia/agp/status says that I am enabled:

Status: Enabled
Driver: NVIDIA
AGP Rate: 4x
Fast Writes: Disabled
SBA: Disabled

Other info:

I am running kernel version: 2.4.20-8
With a "Fancy Force" (MX440SE 64MB AGP Video Card I think)
and an ASUS A7N8X-X motherboard (which has **** onboard sound that I am nto using)
AMD 2600
1GB of RAM

anyone have any ideas?
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