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Thumbs down I give up

As much as I REALLY like nVidia cards, I was forced to give up. This thread keeps getting views and people seem to want to know what the deal is with FreeBSD and the FX 5200 card - yet no one seems to be able to help.

It APPEARS from my research that the problem has occured in the Linux version of the drivers but the fix has never been ported over to the FreeBSD driver set. I have no idea if this is true and no feedback has ever been sent to me to so I can not be certain of this.

In any case - time forced me to abandon this card. FYI, all you FreeBSD users that feel abandoned, I installed an ATI Xtacy 9600 128MB AGP card with a Radeon 9600 VPU which has all of the same connectors as the FX 5200 in the back and FreeBSD recognized it perfectly with the ati driver that comes in the distro and it works wonderfully.

If nVidia ever gets their drivers working for FreeBSD I hope they supply them to FreeBSD for such an effortless install so I can keep using their wonderful cards. Untill then....
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