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Default Configuring a 2.6.1 kernel for an nForce 3 board

I put this in the other Linux forum, but I've not had a response. This is slightly urgent, so I'll repost here.

The last of my parts have arrived, and I'm configuring an appropriate kernel for it. For the most part, I know what I need (as I'm pulling lots of components from my previous machine). I'm currently only stuck on AGPART and ATAPI/IDE drivers.

The motherboard is a Chaintech ZNF3-150 (nforce 3 chipset, natch). I've heard that the nForce drivers from nvidia's site don't work with the nforce3 chipset, or that there's some kind of complication, at least with using them with a GeForce series card (which is what I'll be using), and that the kernel's own AGPART is recommended. Thus far, that's what I'm planning to use with the NVIDIA nforce/nforce2 chipset support. Anyone want to tell me otherwise?

I'm a little more confused with IDE support. I have a 120GB IDE drive that I must have working with the system (my /home filesystem is there -- fortunately / is on a SCSI drive and I know how to make that work). I see an "AMD and nVidia IDE support", should I use that or is something else more appropriate?

Fast answers would be appreciated. Right now I'm letting the components sit and warm up gradually as they've been in the cold for a little longer than I would have liked, but I'll hopefully be able to assemble and configure tonight.
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