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Default good combo... NEW EDIT

1. Going MX to ti is a wonderful experience. You'll be pleased, even if you decide to get a GF3ti200.

2. You should be able to crack the 9000 in 3dmark barrier with a ti4200. I know, that's just a score, but that'll tell you that you CAN afford to use Quincunx AA @ 1024 with detail set to high on many games.

3. I really gotta reccommend JATON's ti series video cards. I got a ti4200 128mb w/tv out for $150! I consider this to be exceptional because of the "A3" core used on my card, which I believe to be "4200, rev B"... I've heard rumblings about the A3 core being cooler and overclocking easier. EDIT: RUMBLINGS ARE TRUE... I run (EDIT: RAN) mine @ 303/515 with stock cooling, no ramsinks (SEE EDIT), and have no stability issues. On a kt266a motherboard and a 1.33 stock tbird with my 4200, I score a 9230.


4. With a card like this, your video options wil be crank-able, but you are "a little bit" CPU limited. AI dependancy (common in sports games) is growing, and the newest generation of games is going to be asking for 1.5+ cpu's. Overclocking your CPU will give you a tiny boost in gameplay, and may allow you to turn the AI up, allowing for a more realistic feel.

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