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Default FSTAB Rules

I have managed to get a NTFS partition working with RedHat 9.0, but I have to mount it every time I log in. The process I go through is an auto-login as a user, then jump into "su" through xterm and mount the partitions with following command.

mount /dev/hda3 /mnt/ntfs -t ntfs -o umask=0222

Which allows me as a user to access it through a shortcut from my desktop, and through XMMS.

I have tried various fstab rules to automatically mount this at boot - but they all fail.

Does anybody have the correct rule in which to add to my fstab file to get it to mount at boot properly?


PS - I haven't mucked around with the uid and gid options in the fstab directory. I know that uid is the user name of my account - but I was unsure oif what the gid entry was.
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