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Question Slow 2D performance... any help?


Does anyone have any tips to help me get better 2d performance out of the NVIDIA driver under XFree86? It's nice to have good frame rates for OpenGL, but for 2d performance, the XFree86 "nv" driver smokes the NVIDIA-Linux driver. With the NVIDIA-Linux driver, the simple act of dragging an xterm window across a browser window, for instance, causes long "trails" to be left behind, while the CPU shoots to 100%. If a window is graphics intensive (even just a web browser with a blank page, or a new, blank image in Gimp) I can visibly notice the window "peel" itself away from the bacground if I minimize it. The most bothersome thing about all this is that it is impossible to listen to audio and browse the web at the same time (at least without the audio going to pieces), as scrolling pages in Opera or Mozilla causes the audio to crackle and sputter horribly. Makes for a really miserable time at

I admit, my machine is old (K6-2/400), but the XFree86 "nv" driver just does not suffer the issues I describe above. Surely there's a way to get more reasonable 2d performance out of the NVIDIA-Linux driver.

I have tried all manner of different XF86Config options, per the README. At the moment, all the driver options are left to the default, except that I have set CursorShadow to false and NoLogo to true.

I have tried different PCI latency settings to no effect. Also tried disabling MTRR's per a suggestion I read on the web. No difference there, either. It's not the dreaded 2d performance bug... that was version 4191 and I'm running 4363. I have tried newer versions of the drivers, but they have the same problem, (and bring problems of their own) and all my OpenGL apps are built against 4363, so I *really* don't want to change, unless it's absolutely necessary, but I need better 2d than this.



Specs follow:

Nvidia GeForce2 MX-200 DDR 32Mb PCI (BIOS:
NVIDIA-Linux-x86-1.0-4363 Video Driver
Linux 2.6.1 (Slackware 9.0)
256 MB PC133 RAM
Glibc 2.3.1
gcc 3.2.2 (Nvidia module and Linux kernel built with gcc-2.95.3)
XFree86 Version 4.3.0 (Home built; optimized for K6-2)
IceWM 1.2.12
CPU: AMD K6-2 400
MOBO: FIC VA-503+ w/VIA Apollo MVP3 Chipset
BIOS: Award v 4.60PGA Version JE438 03/10/2000-VP3-586B-W877-2A5LEF09C-00
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