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Originally posted by bkswaney
My 5800ultra run at 590/1160 rock stable.
Can the non reach those speeds??

No my 5900nu can't reach those speeds and doesn't have to because the 256 bit memory bus more than makes up for it. Although the 5900 is no slouch in the overclocking department either. I've said it before.. i'll take a wider memory bus over faster memory. This point was made very clear when the 5800Ultra went up against the 9700Pro a year ago and beat by the lower clocked 9700Pro.

I do think for a 128 bit card the 5800 is a monster though and got a unusually bad wrap. Most of it because of the dustbuster sitting on it, which was loud. But Nvidia should have designed it with a 256 bit bus from the start. They had to clock the 5800 so high out of the box because they knew they would have to compete with the 9700Pro's 256 bit memory bus.

Either way anybody looking to buy an Nvidia card now should go for a NV35 or up core.

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