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Default Re: Re: First ever Halo 2 MP screenshot.

Originally posted by Viral
That's a dev screenshot, it is not in 640x480 and has pro FSAA so you can bet it's not anything like it will look on the xbox.
It will run at lower resolution and without AA (unless it supports HDTV, which I doubt), but the graphics themselves will probably be exactly the same. I don't think resolution should be factored into how "good" a game looks. Playing Quake 3 at 1600x1200 is a hell of a lot less impressive than Doom 3 at 640x480.

Anyway, it actually looks pretty good. It does have a bit of the "plastic doll" effect I've been seeing lately in games that use heavy bump-mapping, but it still seems to match up pretty well with upcoming PC shooters. Hopefully the indoor shadow system will match up to games like Splinter Cell and Doom 3. Amazing what you can pump out of 2.5 year old technology.

Now I just hope it will support more than 16 players online (16 players would probably be fine, but hey, the more the marrier).
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