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Default Re: SuSe 9.0 Pro - Screen freezes after logout

Originally posted by indian_mogul
I run SuSe 9.0 Professional on my Sony GRT250 laptop.. I have a nVidia
GeForce4 420 Go graphics card and a VESA 1024x768@60HZ monitor on my system. I use KDE 3.1. I downloaded the nVidia driver (1.0-5328) and installed on my laptop. Now, when I logout, my screen turns blank with hazy lines flickering..I observed this prob after I had installed the driver 1.0-5328.

I am a newbie trying to move to Linux. Any help will be highly appreciated.

I had the problem of a freeze when exiting X Windows. In my case is was the kernel because it hasn't happened since 2.4.23+.
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