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Originally posted by digitalwanderer
Weirdest thing, I picked up a copy of TW2002 from a bargain bin and it has the EXACT same problem as 2004 with the golfer disapearing with AA on using 3 click.

Sorry, I'm old school. 3 click is how I learned to play virtual golf and it's what I'm best at with it.
I hate to say it but TW2002 is probably one of the worst Tiger releases ever. I am surprised you even got it to run.

I am telling you that if you take the tutorials for TrueSwing and get to know how to use the swing, you will throw stones at 3-click. I won $10,000 playing 3-click in TW99 and ever since TW came out with TrueSwing, 3-click just does not reproduce a golf swing by any stretch of the imagination. The one key factor that 3-click is missing is feel and tempo. You cannot get that in a swing meter but you can get it in spades with TrueSwing. 3-click is old school, but it's time has seen better days. You can also run AA to your hearts content using TrueSwing....
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