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Heh.. I've been thinking of getting myself a wireless mouse and keyboard anyway.. but since I often game while my gf watches TV (and vice versa), I would really like my 3D games to show up on my computer monitor instead of the TV.

Another odd thing I've noticed (and I suppose this is more of an Nvidia thing than a Linux thing): I rebooted the computer while the TV was on, and the card showed me the whole bootup process (even the part where it checks the RAM which is long before Linux even has a chance to boot) on the TV. After it has booted up completely, once it switches into X, the twinned display on the TV goes away.. until I switch to it or I turn on a game. :P

I'm guessing that if I change my XF86 Config so I have to manually edit it and restart my X server to switch between TV and monitor, then the problem would probably go aay (I'll try it, maybe it'll help diagnose the problem), but I would really like to not hae to do that, it's really handy to be able to switch my display over to my TV and back to my monitor with only a couple of keystrokes.
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