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I just loaded Fedora Core 1 to play around with it. I had been using RH9, but since that is the last RH, I thought I would get onboard with the Fedora Project.

I'm not sure why it told me to use the 2960 drivers, but I am having a very hard time to get them to install. I keep getting an error message when I type the "make install" command. It says the compiler it is using to compile the drivers is not compatible with the version used to compile the kernel. It tells me that I can point the "make" command to the version of gcc used to compile the kernel, but I don' t know how to do that.

I reinstalled the latest version of the driver so that I could get the Xserver working again, but still have the crash problem with the screensaver.

So far, the only work around that I have come up with is to have the screensaver just go to a blank screen. With this setting, my system does not lock up.

Could it be that there is a setting somewhere that I need to tweak, and that these latest drivers from nvidia will be OK?

Or could it be a support problem with the Fedora Core? Everything that I have seen so far with Fedora has been pretty much identical to RH9...

Thanks for the reply, any other suggestions for me to try?

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