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Hi All

I'm having the same problem. My mobo is an Epox 8rdaen (nforce 2) and my card is an FX5600. I tried a MX440 from a friend and had the same problem. I tried it with "AGP" "0", with and without agpgart and only the nvidia agp module. All to no avail. Only thing that changes was the ASCII garble on screen on X startup. I tried all the command line option I have found in all posiible combination including pci=biosirg, apic=off, noacpi, nolacpi, mem=nopentium. Oh, my system is LFS 5.0 build with 2.4.22 kernel. Interestingly enough even with nolapic the dmesg still has the line local APIC found and enabled. I scratched in the kernel docs and found that nolapic is not an arg anymore, then I looked in the source and disabled this in the code. The apic messages was gone from dmesg but the X startup problem was still solid as an rock. My XFree86.0.log also ends with setting mode to 1024x768. Is there anything that I am missing.


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