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Halo is the best FPS released the last 3 years and one of the best games of all time if you ask me.Bungie made a game that is more " epic adventure with shooting in a believable and coherent world " than a standard FPS.I believe Halo 2 will be that great too,if not better.BUT the screens released during development is nothing like the real game.Most of the time videogames are designed in hi-res and downgrade to low-res because they have be playable by host hardware. In the case of Xbox don't you ever expect anything like 1600 x 1200 resolution for in-game.Especially a console game must have a constant and steady framerate even if it is low (30 fps)comparing to PC standard.The original Halo ran at 30 fps and it was mindsblowing.What I expect from the game is some optimized code for effects like lighting,shadows,shading etc.From what I've read in a very serious magazine Bungie found a way to lower polycount without taking any of the detail away,using special effects.Not matter what I only hope is for a Halo 2 PC version and the same epic experience.
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