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Originally posted by Inaea Plena
>Is there any company which develops 3D accelerated graphics cards and has open source drivers for it ?

Yes. Matrox does, for example. Fairly nice ones too, though their cards aren't nearly as fast as Nvidia's and ATI's. ATI also puts some work into the open source drivers. I don't blame Nvidia for their decision to keep their drivers closed (and as it was stated above, they do have other peoples' IP to protect). They make good drivers... none of the OSS ones even come close performance-wise.

I support open source, I'm a kernel developer. I also support peoples' right to make choices. It's your property, do what you want with it, you know?
The reason OSS nv drivers don't come close performance-wise is because the OSS developers aren't privy to the low level graphics calls.

As for your final parragraph.

If I buy a car, it's mine. it doesn't belong to the manufacturers of that car, and I can do anything to it I want. Supe it up, put a body kit on it, even drive it into a brick wall.

If I buy a Hotpoint washing machine, It's mine. I can wash my clothes in it. I could lend it to a friend to wash thier clothes in it. Hell I could wash the cat in it if so inclined - though I think I'd be in trouble with the R.S.P.C.A.

My point being. If I buy a nVidia graphics board, I should be able to do with it what I want. Knowing full well that should I damage it by experimenting with it, the warranty is void. It's my choice.
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