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Originally posted by energyman76b

if your chip&drivers incorporate foreign IP that you had to licence, and you are forbidden to give out information about that IP, like documentating the driver, then you can not open them, even if you want.

And, like I said, is that REALLY the truth? I mean, they didn't open their NIC-drivers either, and I find it REALLY difficult to believe that a NIC could include some uber-secret third-party IP that must be protected at all cost. Hell, if companies that make NIC's for living can open their NIC-drivers, why can't NV?

Please, stop whining. Nvidia has employees to improve their linux-drivers, do not give them the signal, that we linux users are a bunch of unthankful, whining bullys.
And how is this different when Windows-users whine when Win-drivers have bugs? Are they too "unthankful, whiny bullys"? And besides, no-one is "bullying" NVIDIA. People are merely stating opinions. How could we bully NV?

Yes, NVIDIA has employees that work on the drivers. Yet the fact remains that there is HUGE untapped pool of talent that could work on the drivers for free. Besides that, if the drivers were open, the kernel-developers could work on their end to make sure things worked. They can't do that right now, so they ignore all NV-related errors that they counter (since they have no way of knowing whether the problem is with the kernel, or with the NV-drivers).

NV-devels know their drivers. Kernel-guys know the kernel. Xfree-guys know Xfree. Right now, two of those (Kernel and Xfree-guys) have to work in the dark when it comes to supporting NV-products. It's bound to cause some problems.

Will I be buying NV-products in the future because of this thing? Most likely yes. I'm not some GPL-zealot or anything, I buy what works. And NV-drivers mostly work. But while I recognize that, I also know that they could work SO much better if they were open. Hell, we might have native drivers for's X Server by now! we would propably have working framebuffer-drivers by now!

It's not like people are saying "Boo! NVIDIA sucks!". What they are saying is that "Thank you for your support. But your drivers still have some bugs. Could we look at the problems and try to fix it ourself? That way you would get even better drivers (and through that, even better product), and you would get even more satisfied Linux-users".
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