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Originally posted by Chalnoth
Actually, I just read recently that the NV30 will ship in volume in October (I was expecting a November release at the time, actually).
As of today the Nv30 was still not taped out.
In the past Nvidia has averaged about 100 days from finishing taping out to getting production..but these averages were with "refreshed parts" .
Do you believe they will be able to make the same speed with a new product? Or will it not matter at that point?
On the conference call Huang (spelling? ) sounded a little shaky when answering the Nv30 questions he was asked. And said they were hopeful they could keep up the timetable they have in the past...but it didnt sound like he was sure if they could or could not meet this same speed.

If they do ship any in October or November, i think they will be very very limited quantities at best. But well just have to wait and see obviously.
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