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I posted this on a Chrome-oriented forum.

Considering that the first post there has only gotten three views since it was posted a week ago I think my efforts went to somewhat of a waste.

Here is my copy and paste from that post.


The Chrome installation includes a multitude of .png (Portable Network Graphics) files, which I could only assume is for High Quality Textures.

Well, I was wondering why I was unable to select 'High' in the options menu.

It did, after all say in the VideoSettings.scr (to open this you must change the extension to it and use Wordpad, as Windows recongizes '.scr' as a screensaver file and will not let you modify it otherwise. I remove the 'r' to make it a simple '.sc' file that I right click and open with Wordpad) that High was available.

So, being the curious guy that I am I modified one of the .png files to see if normal settings used these nice looking textures.

The one I chose was Carrie's hair.

I used Irfanview to modify it.

Step 1: Copy it, and rename the copy to carriehairorig.png. This is the file to work with, and when saved, I overwrote the real original.

Step 2: Modify the colors. In this case, I swapped them.

Step 3: Save the file as carriehair.png

(image does not show this.. )

So I start the game up hoping to see Carrie's full head of blue hair.

No such luck. Still blond.

As disappointing as this is, I attempt to go into the world of modifying files to get things the way I want.

So I typed 'High' in the tex quality portion of the .scr file.

I started the game and lo and behold Carrie had blue hair.

So what this tells me, is that Techland for some reason or other has disabled the ability to select 'High' for texture quality settings, making all those 190 megs worth of .png files go completely to waste unless a user takes it upon themself to change it in the VideoSettings.scr file.

Why they did this, we'll probably never know.

So far, however.. I've taken a few comparison screenshots with Normal and High settings and haven't found a difference between the two. I also did not experience a performance loss of any kind with high from normal.



That info is there for anyone that wants to use it.
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