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Default Hello? Any1 here?

X crashed again. This time, no OpenGL applicatons were affected.

Note: I've successfully created an nVidia X server chroot jail for my untrust user. Now I have running OpenSource X server for my workings, and to play games like Unreal Tournament, my untrust user simply starts it's own X server using nVidia driver. So, if X crashes, I won't loose my whole X session. Only that, what really needs GLX (thus games) would be lost, in general only one game at all.

I'll write an "nVidia in chroot jail HOWTO" and publish it in some days. I'll anounce that in this thread then.


Regards, Bodo

BTW: It's only a workaround, the drivers are still highly buggy and that should be fixed.

BTW2: There is an issue with that 2 X servers in parallel: If I switch from nVidia back to X or console, and than back to nVidia, the nVidia driver seems to have problems restoring it's graphic mode. This is just another bug ;-)
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