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Thumbs down not impressed with nvidia linux support

I just downloaded the latest nvidia driver for my linux machine (2.4.22 kernel, 1.3 GHz chip, AGP Riva THT2 M64 card.) There are a few problems with it that are going to make me think twice before buying nvidia cards in the future:
- the driver installs a kernel module that is 2.2M on the disk, and 1.9M when loaded, and an XF86 driver that is over 500Kbytes. This is bloatware to the extreme.
- the new driver will not do multiple X sessions on the same card - it exits saying 'failed to allocate external decoder object'. This is a sometimes useful feature of X which a well written driver should support.
- as far as i know, nvidia don't release proper specifications for their cards to the free software community so that open source drivers can be written.
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