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Ok, went and tried these drivers.....

First: an MS DOS SVGA bug was fixed....this bug had been present in both 27.42 and 29.42. Basically, certain games (especially build engine, like duke3D), would have the screen flashing strange flickering lines in it. (almost as if the card were bad, or overclocked too far). No real way to explain it, but it's been fixed with this driver.

It's not just the video mode, as other games that use the same resolution (Warcraft 2, for instance) are fine. So it could be something related to rendering. Anyway, glad to see THAT bug has been fixed.

Freespace 2 has in game flight text. Someone else said all the 30.xx's had no flight text in FS2, but I can't confirm that, except just to say it's working here.

Drakan order of the flame, Darkstone, Incoming, and Jedi Knight (1) are all working properly

UT2003 and Quake3 work fine, of course.

Hitman 2 demo seems to be working. (Some said they had artifacts in other drivers?).

Seems like a solid driver so long as I don't find any obvious bugs, I'm happy.
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