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Originally posted by borntosoul
we have come a long way in graphics technology (and a long way to go),its not like in the past when new features was a hit and miss thing ,maybe i was being a bit ****y when i said all features on the nv30 were going to be used but its very unlickely that any will get left out
i agree somewhat. but we still have the issue of features being used in the card's lifetime. ie, how useful was T&L on the GeForce1?

how many true DX8 games are out there right now? not many. even UT2003 doesn't have any exclusive shader effects, it just uses shaders to do the same effects(faster?) in some instances. i'm planning to do a system upgrade for Doom 3, and i currently haven't owned or played a single game that requires DX8 hardware or even has special DX8 effects...

i don't remember if it was this thread that i said it in so i'll say it again. assuming NV30 is significantly more flexible, i'm still skeptical as to whether or not it's DX9+ features will even be used in the card's lifetime.
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