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Default Problem with GLX and AMD64

Hola everyone. Starting a new thread as I should have instead of posting in the AMD64-5xxx driver thread. Forgive me, it was late.

System hardware: Dual Opteron 242, 1GB ram, 80GB SATA HDD, Tyan Thunder K8W motherboard with built in AC97 audio, Sony DVD+-RW, XFX GeforceFX 5200 graphics.

System software: Distribution is Gentoo Linux, kernel 2.6.1-mm2, ALSA drivers for AC97 audio, XFree86-4.3.0-r2, KDE-3.1.4, nvidia-kernel-1.0.4499, nvidia-glx-1.0.4499 all installed from Gentoo Portage.

The problem I am having can be summed up as "horrible awful lag oh god make it stop". Whenever I start up anything using OpenGL, the following strange things can and do happen:

Startup delay: The OpenGL graphics lag awfully for a few seconds. This goes well beyond the ordinary start-up jitter, this can continue for up to five seconds.

CPU usage spikes: Once running, OpenGL runs mostly smoothly, but every few seconds my system monitor shows a BIG spike, after which the OpenGL skips for several seconds. These spikes do not occur when I'm not running an OpenGL-using application.

System lag: Once running, XFree86 is very slow to respond graphically to anything but the OpenGL window. For example, when running SDLgears at a fixed 100FPS, I can get fine smooth OpenGL performance as long as I don't run anything else or move any windows. The performance of everything else suffers. For instance, running SDLgears, I get smooth fine gear motion in the OpenGL window, and screen updates so slow I can watch the repaint everywhere else. Trying to run another application that draws to the screen often, results in the kind of jittery lagging described below:

High CPU usage: When OpenGL is behaving itself, CPU usage is negligible. When it starts jumping and lagging, however, CPU usage jumps sky-high. SDLgears consumes 100% CPU while getting < 4FPS. Sometimes I have to close the application to stop the lag, which is difficult because every other window is lagging too. Twice I've needed to ctrl-alt-backspace to kill the damn thing.

I've tried the latest AMD64-5xxx driver, and it exhibits same problem. It's SLIGHTLY better, but also less stable, so I went back to 1.0.4499.

I keep getting the feeling that I must be missing something. mesa is not installed, so I'm not getting software rendering... looking through the nVidia docs hasn't offered any clues as to what is happening, let alone why. Google has been unhelpful. Any clues, suggestions, questions, flames?
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