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Default Clock Skew Anomaly from GFFX 5600 + 1.0.5336 + 2.6.0

I have just noticed a clock skew that occurs under periods of high texture traffic caused by loading textures at a rate of about 240 times per second in blocks of 256x256x16-bit. I examined the clocks of two systems concurrently and in a period of 10 min, the one running my gl app had fallen behind by about 21% (2:08)! This may not be caused by software alone, so I am listing my entire hardware and software spec as best as I can. I will post more information about this as soon as I run some more tests. There were lots of kernel messages to the likes of:

0: nvidia: trying to map 0xd79f1000 to kernel space, but we're in an interrupt or holding a spinlock

This may possibly explain missing timer interrupts.

Hardware Spec:
MB: Biostar M7VIB v1.2 - VIA KT133 chipset
CPU: AMD Athlon 1.2Ghz
RAM: 512MB Kingston PC133
GPU: nVidia GeForceFX 5600 - MicroStar Inc MSI5600-VD-128

Software Spec:
Linux Kernel: 2.6.0 compiled with gcc-2.95.3
XFree86: compiled with gcc-3.3.1
nVidia-drivers: 1.0-5336 AGP Disabled

I thank you for your linux support,

EDIT: I had mistakenly put M7-VIP as the motherboard, I was looking at the documentation for the wrong system. The correct MB is the M7-VIB

EDIT: More corrections : AGP is actually disabled (I should probably enable it), and the video card has 128M not 256 (my aspirations got the better of me)

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