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Hello LaNcom,

Thank you for your info and advice.
Before reading your post, I wouldn't
have learned that RedHat 8 is for 32-bit

I've looked into gentoo website and
some articles, but can't find out how
to create a bootable CD(s) for installation.
Can you give me some ideas on how to
do this?

In the mean time, I have downloaded
nforce (1 or 2???) and IA32 driver for
my RH8 o/s.

Drivers seem to work okay, except I'm
not sure if my nvnet (NIC) control part
(from nforce driver software) is working
or not. I haven't connected my new PC
to internet yet...

Once again, thank you for your info; and
I look forward to hear from you again.

(a Linux newbie)
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