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Default nvidia driver with multiple kernels?

Two questions. I had to recompile my Red Hat 9 kernel (2.4.20-20.9-athlon) to enable usb storage debugging. I ran the nvidia driver updater in the new kernel, which is fine, but now (1) X won't start on the old kernel and (2) the script can't compile the driver on the old kernel since it can't locate nvidia.o due to not knowing where the linux source is. This is odd, because I didn't change the linux source (I compiled from the same kernel source that corresponded to what was running on my computer).

Question 1: Is there no way to have the nvidia driver set up to work in multipe kernels on the same machine?

Question 2: Why can't the script recompile the driver in the old kernel? I gather that the process of making and installing the new kernel changed something that makes it impossible for the nvidia install to work with the old kernel. One annoying possibility would be, I guess, to recompile the original kernel again (Red Hat provides the config files). Surely there's a better way.

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