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Default Drivers 53** + GForce4 TI 4200 (MSI) + TV-out ?

I have a problem with the tv out
I can't get it work with drivers 53** series. It works with 4496
I try to launch X on tv and monitor of my computer at the same time with TwinView, I get an image on TV, but monitor turns black, and I can't make it work again : I can't kill X, I can't return to console, I must reset the computer
I have no message in log files
It's the only problem I have with 53** (at least with 5336), and I have no problem with 4496 (except it spends much more memory than 5336 afaik)

I use kernel 2.6 (now it's 2.6.2) with acpi enable

I hope there is a solution since it's a good thing that 5336 spend less memory
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