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Unhappy Dual Quadro 200 NVS Lockup


I've had a problem with system crashes related to graphics display ever since I upgraded from RedHat 8 to Fedora Core 1. The RedHat 8 configuration was running with no problems for about a year.

Here are the symptoms:

Running with 1 Quadro4 200 NVS AGP with 2 LCD panels and 1 Quadro4 200 NVS PCI with 1 LCD panel. AGP is set as Twinview and Xinerama is used to provide a single logical display over the three panels.

System locks up (can't even remote login) after running graphics applications. This was first noticed while selecting xscreensaver preferences. Later tests (running xscreensaver lib applications standalone or letting xscreensaver run normally) duplicated problem. The X display goes away and a text login screen is presented (init level 3 appearance) but system is completely locked up.

System is ok if either card is configured in separately (i.e. only the twinview display with the AGP or only the single display with the PCI).

I've tried having Init10 both enabled and dissabled. It was enabled in the RedHat 8 configuration.

If the screensaver is set to blank instead of running graphics apps, the system doesn't crash.

I've disabled apmd with no improvement.

I've attached a file with configuration info (XF86Config, XFree86.log, etc.)

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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