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Okay, here goes.

You've got a different problem than we do. What it looks like you got, is a driver conflict. At some point in time, the Nvidia driver 4496 was installed, & then the 5336 driver revision was installed, it would appear. These are two legitimate different driver installs from Nvidia, reference their "Archived Driver" section, on the side bar to the left, on the driver page.

My solution to my problem, was actually to install the 5336 driver from Nvidia, but when I attempted the install, it would not install because of the previous Nvidia kernel. If you read through that huge "README" file on the driver page at the Nvidia website, you will find that they have an "uninstaller" as well. Being that there is a 4496 driver installed, the uninstaller should be there (technically it is an installer, with multiple options, including to uninstall)

Before going any further, you need to edit your XF86CONFIG-4 in /etc/X11/ directory, so that it is using the "nv" driver instead of the "nvidia" driver. Then reboot.

You have to be in root mode to use the uninstaller, & the X-server can not be running. Make sure X-server /display manager is shutdown. Then, once again, go into su mode, then use this:

# nvidia-installer --uninstall

"to uninstall the current driver; this will remove any files that
were installed on the system."

After you have uninstalled the driver, if you are not in run-level 3:

#init 3


# sh

follow the directions as usual. Then:

# init 5

It will blink your screen, & might or might not bring you to the login screen (it didn't for me), don't panic if it brings you to a shell login, just login as a regular user (not root), & type:

$ startx

& you will find yourself at the login screen. Then you need to go edit your darn XF86CONFIG-4 file again, & change the "nv" to "nvidia", reboot, & viola )

This worked for me, but be careful, I am on a Desktop, not a laptop. Also make sure that the 5336 driver supports your GeforceGo. It should, but better safe than sorry )

Other than this solution, you will need to look elsewhere, as this is as far as my knowledge extends...LOL... good luck )

Originally posted by JonR
Hi, I've had problems trying to configure MDK9.2 to run with my GeForce2Go on my Tosh 3000-514. I get API mismatch between the NVIDIA kernel module (1.0.4496) and the driver (1.0.5336). I've given up since I couldn't find anyone with a fix.
Jon R
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