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Default Linux(FC1) crushes when I restart or shutdown with TV-out activated

My configurations is:
MB: 8RDA+ (latest bios)
CPU: XP2400+(180x12.5)
CV: MSI GEFORCE 4 4200 64MB (with AGP 4X)
Driver Vesion: 5328 ( I try 5336 too)
Distribution: Fedora Core (2.4.22-1.2115.nptl)
Video BIOS revision:

SB Audigy 2 ( with FC1 driver)
TvTuner Pinnacle PCTV Pro ( with FC1 driver)
I connected my tv-out to my TV in RCA connector.

If tv-out is deactivated linux restarts, shutdown or logout without any problems. EX. After X shutdown my monitor goes into mode text ( into 720x400 resolution ), it shows the processes which are closed and restart.
After X starts if I modify the XF86Config option "TwinView" from "0" into "1" and than restart X (CTRL+ALT+Backspace) the tv-out works perfectly until I try to restart, shutdown or logout when my CRT and my TV goes black and my keyboard and my mouse are not working anymore. After this the monitor resolution is 720x400 too ( I see this in my monitor menu). If I reset my computer Linux will crush when X is started ( not always).
The same problem apears if I login in text mode and than I start X with tv-out activated. Linux and tv-out will work perfectly until I restart, shutdown or logout.
Or if I login in X with tv-out deactivated and I modify the XF86Config to activate tv-out and than I restart Linux, Linux will start with no problem and than if I restart it will crush.
I try the command "init 3" after I login in X with tv-out activated but I get the same problem.

Thanks in advance.
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