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Talking Pirated and legit games

I am thinking about this:

Will you still dare to used a pirated/hacked/no-cd game even if you'd own the original? I just want to hear some constructive criticisms, not just plain flame war or something like that.

The reason for this is that i am thinking about nowadays protection schemes in games and i have come to the conclusion that....

+ Protections are just stupid. They don't serve the purpose they are made for. If a game is protected, then anyone will crack it. They pose more cons for rightful owners than anything else.

+ Protections are heavy investments for a company making a game. They could direct all that money to make more constructive things, like beter testing before releasing the game to the public.

+ Instead of increased price of the final game, to help soothe the piracy effects, companies should focus on develop nice appealing products for the people buy them in the first time.

+ Most modern games copy all content to your hard-drive anyway. Why the hassle of asking for a cd to run then. I hate it.

+ If you want to play online. Using CD-KEYS is just a pain in the arse. Keeping in mind the number of keygenerators floating around, you may find that even if you own a legit cd-key, someone has already stole it and you cannot play. Hmpf.

+ CD/DVD-ROM access time/seeking time is a hell lot of slower than today's ultra fast hard-disks. Another reason for not using the CDs.

+ If you cannot make a backup copy or your shiny recently bought game, your cds might get scratched or worse. I have seen this to happen to some friends of mien. Sometimes, replacements do not work as we would like to.

So, would you use a "pirated" or "hacked" copy of your game even if you would own the original?
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