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Default Re: Pirated and legit games

Originally posted by eL_PuSHeR
[b]+ Protections are heavy investments for a company making a game. They could direct all that money to make more constructive things, like beter testing before releasing the game to the public.
This point I kinda doubt. Publishers typically just purchase the protection software from one of a few companies.

+ Most modern games copy all content to your hard-drive anyway. Why the hassle of asking for a cd to run then. I hate it.
This is one major reason why I get cracks for many of my games, even if I do own them. My biggest beef with this is Diablo II: if I don't run with a no-CD crack, the occasional accesses to the CD-ROM drive during play cause the game to freeze for a couple of seconds. This frequently means death during online play.

+ If you want to play online. Using CD-KEYS is just a pain in the arse. Keeping in mind the number of keygenerators floating around, you may find that even if you own a legit cd-key, someone has already stole it and you cannot play. Hmpf.
Very unlikely.

+ If you cannot make a backup copy or your shiny recently bought game, your cds might get scratched or worse. I have seen this to happen to some friends of mien. Sometimes, replacements do not work as we would like to.
Definitely. I've got a couple of games that the only reason I can still play them is due to me having copied the CD's.

Anyway, my biggest beef is this whole CD key thing. If you lose or misplace the manual, you are SOL. I had this problem with NWN not long ago. While I have purchased the game and all of the expansions, when I went back home for Christmas break, I left the manual here. So I had to do a search online to get a CD key generator.
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