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Post SuSE 2.6.2 kernel rpm's ---->


For SuSE users HERE are the 2.6.2 rpm's, makes life alot easier.

Things you may need to know

1. I have tried the nvidia 5336 driver and it works fine, very fast compile.

2. If some devices are not loaded then do you following,

Find the name of the module that is not loaded and add it to /etc/sysconfig/kernel in the line
MODULES_LOADED_ON_BOOT=" cdrom ide-cd ide-scsi b44 snd-emu10k1"

As you can see my onboard network and sound(b44 snd-emu10k1) modules are added so they are loaded at boot.

3. If you get any problems with sound the latest alsa drivers are HERE

Feedback welcome
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