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The follow up, in case this forum is your only source of news...

Today at 9.00 am, there was a raid at Crytek's offices in Coburg, Germany. Due to an alleged claim of a disgruntled ex-intern, Crytek´s office complex was investigated for using more copies of a software brand with the incorrect number of licenses purchased. The management of Crytek is grateful for the diligence of the German Police Department concerning protected software and fully cooperated in every way. As a software developer, Crytek is always interested in properly obtaining and utilizing third party software. Development of the eagerly awaited Far Cry was only delayed for three hours while police cleared the matter with Crytek and it's management staff. Despite false allegations that have appeared in various media and forums, no inventory or personnel were affected in any way. Crytek would like to assure its fans that completion of Far Cry remains on track.
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