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Ever since the massive CD swappage of Baldur's Gate I, I have had no qualms with using no-cd cracks or Alcohol 120% to make and mount images. I've got about 10-20 gigs of A120% images spanned across my drive and it's awesome, especially for BF1942 (that game has a CD checking fetish from hell that drives me nuts - Alcohol120% images make it go by much faster).

Also, using A120% images for re-installations rock as they're much faster than installing off a CD. I heard that in a RAID environment, game reinstalls using A120% images are waaaaaaaay faster than a single drive. Someone told me that, under a RAID environment, they can reinstall SOFII using images in under 2 minutes. Compare that with the 8-10 minutes using the ol' CD method ...
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