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Arrow UT2004 demo feedback thread

UT2004 Demo to be released VERY soon, Within 1 week.


Read about it here.

Weekend Demo Release Unlikely
by RaptoR at 12:00 AM EST (Unreal Tournament 2004) [ 39 Comments ] #4801
Atari's Kyle 'Pezman' Peschel hopped into #UT on the EnterTheGame IRC network on Wednesday evening, and answered a couple of demo-related questions, confirming that the UT2004 demo won't appear this Friday as some had hoped.

«Catzenjaeger» friday pez?
«Pezman[ATARI]» no
«Pezman[ATARI]» probably further out than that

Later, Epic's Joe 'DrSiN' Wilcox posted on the official forums stating that he was fairly certain that the demo would not be making an appearence this weekend.

StarWars: yeh, i confirmation would be nice, if theres no demo this weekend i might work on my real life social skills

DrSiN: I would say it's fairly safe to think it's ok to get out and work on your social skills or take a relaxing weekend before the Chaos...

That leaves Monday 9th to Thursday 12th as far as possible demo dates go. Hone your psychic skills again and vote in our updated BU Demo Poll, telling us when you think the demo will arrive.
More info here.

On release we will be distributing the demo primarily through BitTorrent* for users of broadband and over. This will not be inconvenient if you install a client. Several options are below. This method is unsuitable for modem users, and a direct download link will be available capped at ISDN speed.
So Bittorrent Ehh.

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