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Originally posted by stncttr908
I bet a lot of the people who make this comment are the same people whom have played Madden for the past 12 years, or various Mario games for the past two decades plus.



never played a pc sports title in my pc gaming fave title is System Shock 2.#2 would be Planescape:Torment,following that #3,Grim
Fandango.Madden and the like,are for people without opposing thumbs(just my opinion of course)why play a football game,when you can get out of your chair,and grab a real ball,and get some friends together and play the real game out in the fresh air.i believe its called the outdoors.what is
even more ironic is this;i would wager that many of the people who say
they like "playing" these "games would dodge a draft faster
then you or i can say the word....
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