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Originally posted by whig
I was getting jerks playing Q3A. The solution in my case was to compile motherboard drivers into the kernel (which just happened to be the Via ones). Find them under IDE support. Because you use kernel 2.6 give kernel command appends: ide0=autotune ide1=autotune

Try hdparm -i /dev/hda before and after to verify.
My hard drive drivers are already compiled into my kernel. I cannot use hdparm because the drivers work through the SCSI interface.

This would not explain the nvidia drivers' behavior, however, since any and all screen updates cause horrible lag and jerkiness - or perhaps just exhibit it because it's happening already - even when disk access is not happening. Moreover, while disk access can cause some skipping(I checked), it does NOT cause the godawful histrionic system lagging that OpenGL decides to do at random intervals.
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