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Default first impression's of desert storm

i picked up a copy of CONFLICT DESERT STORM today far it is real good. graphics are great/gameplay is good(once you learn all the controls) note though: increase the horizontal mouse speed it will help(in mouse options),but leave vertical mouse sensitivity as is or just slightly higher than default...otherwise i left all other controls as default for movement/commands..etc. and the missions get harder as you go further into the game, but it is intense. the first mission is same as demo but after that you have 3 other guys with you. im up to mission 3 so far...its a tough one but hey thats what makes the game worth playing. one other special note. make sure you "save game: once you get to end of each mission...i dont think it auto saves. or save game when you get to a hard spot. one last special note: it says on box of game "recommended system spec's are": P4 1.0GHZ/DIRECTX 8.1/GEFORCE 4 VIDEO CARD WITH 64MB RAM/128 MB SYSTEM MEMORY/930MB HARD DRIVE SPACE/WINDOWS 98 ME 2000 XP/8X CD ROM/KEYBOARD & MOUSE
and even though it says it has multiplayer the only way to join is to type the host ip address in to connect. there are no server's to connect or look for, basically if a guy that lives next to you dont have it, most likely you wont be playing multiplayer. there was no CD KEY that i had to type in when installing game so maybe i can put it on my other system and have a friend go into it with me as a teammate. my best advice to anyone that buys it is to go through the training level helps a lot and is somewhat funny(drill instructor is funny). you can also call in airstrikes in some missions, which in the training mission looked cool as hell.
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