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Originally posted by -=Gib-McFragger=-

Could be, but I would rather make a generalized note to everyone than individually give people crap in PM's. My topic was 100% warranted. If people were guilty, then theoretically they would have read it and stopped doing it. If not, then they could ignore it.

Other than that, well, this whole topic is pointless and could have been avoided if someone hadn't got his panties in a twist.

And if I remember correctly, the last few times I PM'd Dan about whatever, I got ignored........
If you're going ahead and making generalized topics, go ahead and post names and/or specific examples. Go all the way to avoid miscommunication.

I don't know how long you have known me, but I NEVER get my panties in a twist. First of all, SErath wears panties on a regular basis Secondly, had i really wanted to raise a stink, this thread would not be anywhere near as tame as it is now.

About the PMs:

sending something along the lines of:

"hahaha this means war frenchie!"

several times does NOT warrant a response.

I always respond to serious PMs
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