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Originally posted by theultimo
Nothing will EVER replace a pc. No console has a wasd type control the FPS's are made for
Actually Dreamcast had an optional mouse/keyboard addon/adaptor, and quite a few people used it for FPS games (like Quake 3 and Unreal Tournament). But the problem with that is that it creates a gap between players that are using different control methods. That has been Microsoft's main reason for not releasing a keyboard/mouse adaptor for the Xbox to use in online games (they did release a USB keyboard adaptor to type messages in PSO, however).

Whats more, it looks like xbox2 may only be supporting 480i.. this will allow the tech to run top-of-the-line games for years to come, but that is a major drawback from what we can do with PC. I hope they end up going for 720p or something, that would be decent, but i can see why they don't, their tech will struggle to run games at such a res while keeping all the effects +AA +AF after about a year.
Really? That's exactly the opposite of what I heard, in fact there was a rumor that Xbox 2 would REQUIRE an HDTV an only support HDTV modes (480p and up), though that rumor was proven false I believe. Here's a quote from Gamespot:

A graphics chip designed by ATI Technologies that will clock in with speeds faster than the upcoming R400. The Merc says, "This chip will help the next Xbox to display games with the resolution of high-definition TV."
If this is true, it would take away yet another advantage that the PC has had over consoles. Unfortunatly, they're considering removing the harddrive for the Xbox 2, which I think would be really stupid as the harddrive is used very well in the current Xbox. Also, while PCs have much mroe open-ended mods and addons, one advantage Xbox Live has regarding addons is that you don't have to worry about people not having the extra level or gamemode that you want to play because it's all freely availible and easilly accessable by all Live users. In addition things like voice-chat in every game actually one-ups the PC. Granted, it's more limited in many ways (such as user-made content and player limit), but it's foolish to think that PCs have the advantage in EVERY area.
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