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five reason why PC Gaming will stick around

1) W key
2) A key
3) S key
4) D key
5) Mouse

hehhe, well for FPS games

Controlling FPS thru gamepads is a bit.....naff!

RTS? no way you can play RTS with gamepad, sure u may add add on keyboard and mouse to consoles but that defeats the purpose of lounging on a sofa for consoles.

Flight Sims (hard core i mean) So many functions to map unto gamepads..(hardcore flight sims)

Serious tweakage, on PC platform to get optimum graphics or performance.

Innovative graphics with upcoming GPUs!

Sure it costs 500% more than consoles but well i am a hardcore PC gamer, and I am addicted to adding new pieces of PC components. Mixing and matching is also one of the greatest benefits of PC gamers to suit their needs. Easier on the wallet than collecting/modding cars, antiques or whatever.

I got bored with the PS2 which is in the hands of my younger brother by 15 yrs. The graphics quality is not upto par with latest PC hardware. There is also the ability to do other stuff than just play games Like browsing and participitating in forums like this one etc

ack...i just got up
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