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That's another thing about consoles.. the options you have, very few in games. I mean things like settings.. sure for a sixed hardware platform this is basically the only way it can be done, but i don't always like that. O hope in the future that consoles at least offer an advanced settings menu with warnings that performance will likely be unoptimised. Perhaps we can choose a higher res or enable AA, but turn down the quality of textures (probably not a wise move on consoles ) or draw distances or something.

Anyway, i'm going to try and fight to keep PC gaming alive as it what i like most. Consoles have been good to me too, but mainly for either for afew quick 2 player games or SP story/RPG games that just work well with a TV, gamepad and couch. Also i usually prefer racing games on consoles.. i cbf setting up a wheel on my PC and they usually suck in some way so i'd rather play with a gamepad (analogue sticks) anyway. Fighters.. yes, consoles.

So basically i like PC's for FPS, RTS without a doubt (though FPS are becoming better on consoles), and some RPG's. Anything online also at this point in time. Other genres, 3rd person action/adventure seem to be a thing fairly suited to consoles, but work on PC well.. still, i usually buy the console versions as i never get into them on PC and just don't play them as much. Same goes for RPG's, for some i like consoles(usually fairly cinematic ones like FF) just because they work with a TV/couch scenerio, other RPG's i like on PC better.Fighters and racing games are definate console games, but some do work on PC.. i just havent seen enough good ones that aren't hybrids (3rd person action/fighter, 3rd person action/racing/whatever).
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