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Default Installing Linux Drivers - Impossible!


I'm hoping someone can help me out here with the driver installation.

I've just installed Suse 9.0 and my graphics card is a RivaTNT Graphics Blaster. Linux reports that 3D acceleration is not enabled and to get the driver from nvidias web site.

Fine. No problem so far.

Got the readme's from the web site. Got the .run from the web site for IA32 - I assume this is the correct file for this card ?

And this is where the fun starts. I'm a long time Windows user, with a very, very basic understanding of Unix. Commands like ls, pwd, cp are ok, but kernals, super user, directory structures etc are all new to me.

So, a good example here is from the readme, and i quote :

Before beginning the driver installation, you should exit the X server.
In addition you should set your default run level so you will boot to a
vga console and not boot directly into X (please consult the documentation
that came with your Linux distribution if you are unsure how to do this;
this is normally done by modifying your /etc/inittab file). This will
make it easier to recover if there is a problem during the installation.
After installing the driver you must edit your XF86Config file before
the newly installed driver will be used. See the section below entitled

This is where the Windows user goes *Huh?*

and from another read me :

NOTE: The nvidia installer does not work as long as a Xserver is still
running and the nvidia kernel module is still loaded. Therefore
please boot into runlevel 3 by specifying "3" as kernel boot
option or switch to runlevel 3 ("init 3") and unload the kernel
module ("rmmod nvidia") before running the nvidia installer.

OK. How do i specify a Kernal Boot Option? Why do i have to edit the x86config file? For that matter *Where* is the x86config file ?

For Mr Average Windows User these are impossible instructions to follow.

I've contacted Suse as well, but the only response i get is 'Give us your registration code'. Well, I got the CD's from a friend so i don't have a registration code, therefore no help. Thanks.

I really, really hoping that someone can point me at a really, really, really basic key stroke by key stroke example of what to do. Assume I know *Nothing* about Unix (Which isn't far from the truth!)

I hope someone can help here. I really want to get Linux working. I like the look and feel of KDE 3.1, and want to get away from Microsoft, but so far it's proving to be so much trouble.

All the best,

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