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Originally posted by D.K.Tronics
It's always the console fanboys that bring this tired old topic up, again, again, again, again........................blablabla de blab debla.

We will all be here, argueing the same tired old crap, in a few years time, and guess what ? The PC will still be here. Unless you fanboys think MS are suddenly going to give up on their biggest asset ?
Longhorn, DX10, ATI, NVidia, and all the hardware manifacturers out there, keep it going along nicely.

And I find it hard to believe that a bunch of morons believe a bunch of THE most OTT specs I've ever seen ,all posted by a bunch of spotty Teen Interweb Geeks, with way too time on their hands.

You console fanboys can keep your Fifa 2007's, your "The same as every other Beat 'em up 7", Mario does the dishes, Mario Hoovering Sim, Mario does something again, somewhere, "Oooo look at the pretty driving sim with no gameplay", The list goes on, it's just big men in big suits, making tons of cash off of suckers.
Right buddy ;-)

I just hate the ****ing gay consoles hehe there YOU HAVE It AGAIN!

As everbody knows Pc hardware eat the crappy hardware a console has almost emidiate after it's realesed, of course what to expect for that money the ****ty bastards cost

Pc Gaming will never ever die and thats the truth...

Pc high- rez heaven!
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